Michael Flynn

Project Manager
Michael Flynn

I love the satisfaction I get from putting jobs into the ground and handing them over to the client without issue. Nothing beats that.

There’s also the fact that no two jobs are different so, even though I’ve got a fair bit of experience, I’m always learning.

Michael's Q&A

  • What are your key roles and responsibilities?
    It's difficult to narrow things down due to the job being so varied. I guess I'd say that my key role is to prepare for upcoming works, ensuring site teams understand the scope and have the correct tools, paperwork, test equipment, vehicles, materials, hotels and so on. I'm responsible for managing all the resource on any project we're working on, along with the costs, obviously. I have to present cost/profit reports to senior management on a monthly basis as well as attending a number of different meetings - that could be with clients, or the team internally. I'm also responsible for all health and safety on a project including ensuring correct documentation is in place to comply with CDM regs 2015. There's much more to the role but they're the main ones!
  • What does a typical day look like for you?
    First thing when I get in, I'll review and save the previous night's shift reports and capture any changes raised by site team - that's to ensure any cost or programme slippages are raised. Throughout the rest of the day, I'll attend a number of internal and external meetings throughout the day for the various projects I manage. I also spend quite a bit of time helping to price new work that comes in through the week, assisting with any tenders. Most of my day, however, revolves around making sure people know what they're doing and what they're doing!
  • What qualities do you need to be good at your job?
    I'd say you need to be a people person, definitely. This is a people-based job - if you're not managing your own team you're liaising with clients, suppliers and that involves people and communications skills. You need to be able to multi-task, definitely. You also need to be reasonably calm and level headed.
  • What do you particularly enjoy about your job?
    There's a couple of things, really. I love the satisfaction I get from putting jobs into the ground and handing them over to the client without issue. Nothing beats that. There's also the fact that no two jobs are different so, even though I've got a fair bit of experience, I'm always learning.
  • Describe your journey since being at Amaro
    It's been quite a journey, that's for sure! I started at Amaro in May 2020 as the Safety Critical Lead - I was the ES, PC and COSS on a large OLE project - before moving into the office to help with the RISQS audit, becoming the firm's interim Health and Safety Advisor for a while. After that I moved sideways to become a Possession Manager and then, seven months after joining the business, I was promoted to Project Manager. It's been a pretty swift journey up through the ranks but that's not all too uncommon at Amaro - leadership really invests into the team, and they're very good at recognising talent and ability.
  • How has the business supported you in your role?
    I've felt completely supported by Micky (MD) and the team since day one, to be honest, with the main area being with my APM (Association for Project Management) membership and qualification. Since joining Amaro, I've been put through my APM Project Managers Qualification (PMQ) and become a full member of the APM - all paid for by the business. I've also recently taken my APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ) exam and am awaiting my result. Once I've got that, I'll be in a better position to apply for full chartership - a major goal of mine.
  • Would you recommend Amaro to someone looking for a job?
    Honestly, it's a great place to work. I know all employers say "we care for and invest in our team" but Amaro really does. And I've benefitted from that massively. If you're after a career with tonnes of development and training and great promotion prospects, I'd say it's definitely the place for you.

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