Brayford Wharf Level Crossing Alterations and Upgrade

Contracted by major UK contractor, Morgan Sindall, Amaro were tasked with adjusting and improving the level crossing at Brayford Wharf East in Lincoln to accommodate a new footbridge, recovering redundant and installing new equipment, and testing before handover.

  • Delivered ahead of time and on budget
  • Zero lost time incidents experienced
  • Works carried out in a single weekend possession
  • Significant safety improvements achieved

The challenge

The MCB (Manually Controlled Barriers) level crossing at Brayford Wharf East was leading to unacceptable levels of risk for pedestrians and cyclists seeking to cross the railway in Lincoln city centre. In a bid to improve safety for all users, Network Rail proposed the construction of a stepped footbridge over the railway, allowing pedestrians to bypass the level crossing, as well as providing free access to those cyclists unwilling to wait for the barriers to rise.

As part of these works, Morgan Sindall tasked Amaro with carrying out alternations to the existing level crossing, including the recovery of redundant cables and booms, the installation of new cables, red men, and yodels, and the testing of all works prior to commissioning.

The solution

Working in conjunction with a road closure, Amaro personnel carried out alterations to the signalling interlocking in a nearby location case. In doing so, they bypassed the REB (Relocatable Equipment Building), ensuring that signal routes and associated signals could still be pulled off no matter what the status of the road traffic lights (RTL) or level crossing booms. With these works now complete, the interlocking was returned to its normal state.

Once the two RTLs and posts were removed – along with all associated cabling – the existing 6.5m booms were also removed, along with a substantial quantity of redundant 35mm power cable and 19c 2.5mm cable.

With all recovery works now complete, new 10-core cables were run out to the RTL posts, with 2c 35mm copper power cable and 19c 2.5mm cable being run out from the REB through new UTXs, before being terminated within the existing MkII SPX pedestals.

Two new RTL posts were then installed, with the associated cabling being run up the posts and terminated within the lights. In addition to the more traditional level crossing features, Brayford Wharf East saw the installation of four standing ‘red men’ on each RTL, fed by a new 2c 2.5mm cable from the existing links in the REB. The addition of two, brand-new, two-tone yodels ensured that all four corners provided an audible warning.

Due to a change in road layout, the four existing 6.5m booms were replaced with an 8.6m and a 4.1m boom on both sides. This proved particularly challenging due to a number of alterations to the internal damping settings in the pedestal, as well as the addition of an extra side arm, support frame, weights and straining wires.

All works were completed with zero lost time incidents and ahead of programme, despite adverse weather conditions.

The outcome

Thanks to works instructed by Network Rail and carried out by Morgan Sindall and its supply chain (including Amaro), a stunning, modern footbridge has been installed over the railway in the heart of Lincoln.

Deemed by Network Rail’s Route Managing Director, Rob McIntosh, to be a “vital project, which will better connect the city of Lincoln and improve safety at the level crossing”, this scheme has helped to dramatically reduce risk levels for both pedestrians and cyclists in this extremely busy city-centre location.

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