Class 700 Turnback Sign Installation

Following the introduction of cutting-edge British Rail Class 700 trains, Network Rail instructed Amaro to install new reflective turn back signage throughout the Thameslink area.

  • Completed on time despite adverse weather conditions
  • Risk reduced and safety improved for both drivers and rail users

The challenge

As the Siemens-built Class 700 trains continued to be rolled out throughout the Thameslink area, GTR (Govia Thameslink Railway) approached Network Rail to install new turn back signage within the region. Reflective and highly visible, these signs provide drivers with an accurate distance point that clearly indicates where the rear of the train would be clear of a set of points, overlap or signal. This would then allow them to change ends and traverse over a different route if required.

The solution

The Amaro project team worked from installation drawings supplied by the client and, whilst each site’s installation was unique, all featured two signs at a set distance from a ground position light, both of which were 400 x 400mm, showing a metreage away from the GPL…

  1. For the FLU (Full Length Unit)
  2. For an RLU (Reduced Length Unit)

The majority of the works were undertaken using pre-arranged line blocks due to the signs being within 2m of the nearest running rail. All proposed installation areas were scanned with Network Rail approved CAT and genny equipment prior to digging.

In addition to installing a small area of geo textile membrane, an adequate amount of type 1 was laid prior to the installation of the pre-cast roller block to which the signposts were bolted. These works now complete, the final step was to mount the sign, measure, level, and set it as per the design.

The outcome

Despite adverse weather conditions, all works were completed and handed over to Network Rail on time, with both drivers and rail users benefitting from reduced risk and improved safety.

Beaulieu Park Station – Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning Works

Following an intensive competitive tender process, Amaro was awarded a substantial package of signalling installation, testing, and commissioning works to support the construction of Beaulieu Park Station in Chelmsford, Essex.

Chelsea Speed Sign Installation

A direct award via Network Rail’s CP6 frameworks, Amaro was instructed to update a selection of end-of-life or non-compliant speed signage in and around Chelsea in West London.

Crystal Palace – Buffer Stop Move and Conductor Rail Extension

With additional stabling required at Crystal Palace Station, rail contractor, Braybrook engaged Amaro with a view to making the S&T alterations necessary to allow the movement of the buffer stop at platform 3.