Twickenham Asset Relocation Project

Forming part of Phase 1 of Osborne’s redevelopment of Twickenham Station, Amaro were tasked with installing cabinets, cables, containment and power infrastructure in order to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, the successor to the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995.

  • All works delivered to the client’s satisfaction
  • Project delivered with zero accidents
  • Works co-ordinated around Osborne’s existing programme, ensuring a well-planned, efficient, and safe working environment

The challenge

Just over 11 miles from London Waterloo and originally named Twickenham Junction, Twickenham Station had previously been redeveloped in the 1950s but, with the arrival of the 21st century, was starting to show its age. And whilst the station handled millions of passengers each year, its facilities failed to meet current regulations, specifically in relation to the Equality Act 2010, the  replacement for 1995’s Disability Discrimination Act.

A large, modern replacement was planned as a result, with up-to-date and fully compliant access being provided to the existing platforms. Following the award of the main contract to our long-standing client, Osborne, Amaro was tasked with providing the necessary cabinets, cables, containment, and power infrastructure to facilitate the station upgrade.

The solution

Works commenced with the building of 6 new trackside location cabinets at our Strood depot, with all works being fully documented, logged and handed over to our in-house test department once complete.

Each location cabinet was…

  • Verified by a 3c verification tester
  • Checked using false feeds and dummy loads
  • Function tested by a 3b functional tester and Mod5 test assistant
  • Given a final inspection by an independent (competent) manager
  • Supplied with an on-site installation kit
  • Sealed and photographed for quality and audit purposes
  • Prepped ready for transport

With the new cabinets (housing 650v power equipment – including class II switchgear and 650/110v transformer fed by a new 2 core 35mm copper FGT cable) now complete, they were installed into position at Twickenham Station on the Wessex route from London Waterloo.

Amaro’s project team was also charged with improving the containment of cables in the area, including the installation of approximately 120 metres of new troughing route on the downside and a further 80 metres on the up main side. Supplementary works also included the installation of 59 new cables as well as the migration of circuits from the existing route into the new route/location cabinet.

The outcome

All works were delivered safely, collaboratively, and to the client’s satisfaction, with installation co-ordinated around the client’s existing programme.

All cabinets were built using the very latest designs as issued by Arcadis, with each cabinet being closely monitored by senior Amaro staff throughout the process.

The successful delivery of this project helped reinforce our already excellent client relationship.

Beaulieu Park Station – Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning Works

Following an intensive competitive tender process, Amaro was awarded a substantial package of signalling installation, testing, and commissioning works to support the construction of Beaulieu Park Station in Chelmsford, Essex.

Class 700 Turnback Sign Installation

Following the introduction of cutting-edge British Rail Class 700 trains, Network Rail instructed Amaro to install new reflective turn back signage throughout the Thameslink area.

Chelsea Speed Sign Installation

A direct award via Network Rail’s CP6 frameworks, Amaro was instructed to update a selection of end-of-life or non-compliant speed signage in and around Chelsea in West London.