Stoats Nest to Redhill Track Circuit Upgrades

Part of Network Rail’s £300m Thameslink Resilience Programme, Amaro were tasked with replacing end-of-life Ti21 and AC track circuit equipment with cutting-edge digital EBI200 equivalents between Stoats Nest Junction (Purley) and Redhill in Surrey.

  • All works delivered to programme and budget
  • Project delivered with zero accidents or incidents
  • All planning works were carried out by Amaro’s in house planning team

The challenge

Lasting a little over 12 months, the track circuit works between Stoats Nest and Redhill comprised two main work sites…

  • Stoats Nest Junction at 14m 24ch at Red 1 and Red 2 ELR
  • The same ELR albeit with a different DMU at 18mls 60ch

Forming part of what is widely believed to be some of the busiest and most complicated railway infrastructure in the country, this route was understandably sensitive to signalling reliability issues. And, due to the aging nature of the area’s track circuits, a comprehensive upgrade was required, swapping life expired Ti21 and AC track circuits (and all associated cabling) with thoroughly modern EBI200 digital alternatives.

The solution

Working directly for Network Rail and with all works being associated with their Phase 3 EBI Track Circuit Upgrades programme, a 14-strong Amaro team…

  • Populated and wired new trackside location cases
  • Installed new equipment and wiring in existing location cases
  • Ran, prepared, and terminated new loc to loc cables, and 2c cables to trackside tune units
  • Carried out earthing at existing location cases
  • Tested and commissioned all works prior to handover

… as well as producing the Construction Phase Plan, Waste Management Plan, Environmental Plan, Quality Plan, various Work Package Plans and task briefs in-house.

The outcome

All works were completed on time, with zero lost time incidents, and in line with the client’s expectations.

Thanks in part to the works carried out by Amaro, Network Rail’s maintenance burden will be reduced, and reliability will be improved for both rail users and the train operating company.

Beaulieu Park Station – Signalling Installation, Testing and Commissioning Works

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Class 700 Turnback Sign Installation

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Chelsea Speed Sign Installation

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